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Virtual Lessons

Virtual Lessons are becoming very popular!

These can be Pre-Recorded or Real Time Virtual Lessons.

You can either send Michelle 10 minutes of you riding and receive feedback and exercises to work on, or else arrange a time for Michelle to watch you ride and give you a one-on-one Real Time Lesson at your own home.

And the cost is just $88!



Send Michelle 10 minutes of you working with your horse showing problems you are having, and she will send you back a detailed analysis of what she sees is happening, as well as exercises to help you overcome the problem.

To make the most of your session, please send a video showing:

  • You working on the problem
  • Is no longer than 10 minutes 
  • Is clear, with you and your horse in the frame
  • Audio is also important, sound helps!

You will receive 

  • Feedback on the video
  • Exercises that may assist you (these will be available for viewing on the Cherry Tree Equine Facebook Channel)
  • The opportunity to respond to Michelle with any questions or concerns you may have

Real Time


Why not have a one-on-one lesson with Michelle in the comfort of your own arena? Michelle will dial in and watch you ride and give you a lesson, just as if she were standing in front of you.

What you will need:

  • Use a bluetooth headset connected to your phone
  • Someone to video you riding (using your phone)

You will get:

  • A 45 Minute private lesson where Michelle will watch and talk to you through FaceTime.