Virtual Lessons

Virtual Lessons are becoming very popular! These can be Pre-Recorded or Real Time Virtual Lessons.

You can either send Michelle 10 minutes of you riding and receive feedback and exercises to work on, or else arrange a time for Michelle to watch you ride and give you a one-on-one Real Time Lesson at your own home.

And the cost is just $66!

Feel free to contact Michelle to discuss your ongoing training requirements


Send Michelle 10 minutes of you working with your horse showing problems you are having, and she will send you back a detailed analysis of what she sees is happening, as well as exercises to help you overcome the problem.

To make the most of your session, please send a video showing:

  1. You working on the problem

  2. Is no longer than 10 minutes 

  3. Is clear, with you and your horse in the frame

  4. Audio is also important, sound helps!

You will receive 

  1. Feedback on the video

  2. Exercises that may assist you (these will be available for viewing on the Cherry Tree Equine Facebook Channel)

  3. The opportunity to respond to Michelle with any questions or concerns you may have

The cost for this service is $66. Pre-payment is required.

Real Time

Why not have a one-on-one lesson with Michelle in the comfort of your own arena? Michelle will dial in and watch you ride and give you a lesson, just as if she were standing in front of you. 

What you will need:

1. Use a bluetooth head set connected to your phone

2. Someone to video you riding (using your phone)

You will get:

A 45 minute private lesson where Michelle will watch and talk to you through FaceTime

The cost for this service is $66. Pre-payment is required.